How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

Chronic greasy hair can be caused by genetic, lifestyle, or environmental factors. If you wash your hair at night and wake up looking like you’ve sworn off showers, your scalp may be producing too much sebum, or oil. Sebum production is, for many people, a natural process. Your scalp produces oil through your sebaceous glands; without any oil, your strands would be dry, crackly, and easily breakable. However, if your hair is always greasy, you’re likely experiencing excess sebum production. This can happen for many reasons, like fluctuations in hormones, heredity, seasonal weather conditions, oily haircare products, prolonged stress, an unhealthy diet, and even changes in medication. Many of these risk factors are hard to fight. But greasy hair can cause other yucky problems like hair loss and dandruff if left unchecked. The safest way to soothe and treat oily-hair symptoms like flat strands and unpleasant smells is with a targeted grease-fighting shampoo.


Shampoo for greasy hair

We believe that beauty is about more than looks. It’s also about the science behind ingredients that work and sourcing those ingredients with respect for the planet that created them. That’s why we’ve crafted a gentle, targeted solution to greasy hair that removes totally un-beautifying sebum residue gently and effectively—with organically farmed, plant-based, science-proven solutions. 

What makes milk_shake’s normalizing blend so effective?
Most traditional shampoo-based solutions to greasy hair actually compound the problem. They strip sebum from your hair so thoroughly that your glands start overproducing oils to compensate. Normalizing blend’s surfactant is gentle, all-natural—it’s derived from the triglycerides in coconut oil—and formulated to control sebum production.
Organic plant extracts gently sooth and balance your scalp
Milkshake’s nourishing blend counteracts the effects of prolonged stress, unhealthy diets, medications, and other modern style-destroyers with a recipe straight from nature. Our gentle cleansing shampoo utilizes:
  • Organic coriander extract, packed with antioxidants that maintain a healthy sebum balance on your scalp to help banish grease-related odors.
  • Organic helichrysum extract cultivated from a biodynamically farmed, Mediterranean-native flower. This gentle, soothing concentrate is renowned for its sebum-fighting properties (and it can help healthy skin, too!).
  • Panthenol (that’s vitamin B5) is a staple for healthy hair, and it’s not just for when you have a case of the greasies! This diet and skincare must-have is also a hairoine due to its natural conditioning and hydrating properties.
Milkshake Normalizing blend is ideal for both men and women.
Guys and gals alike will love the intoxicating scent of this gentle but effective sebum-busting shampoo. Earthy essential oils like cedar and coriander stimulate your senses and combat free radicals that can worsen oily-scalp conditions. The refreshing and stimulating scent will leave you feeling as clean as your strands will look.
The best part?
Milkshake’s earth-conscious normalizing shampoo requires precisely—wait for it—zero extra effort on your part. Lather up in the shower just like you would with your normal shampoo. Because it’s so gentle on both strands and skin, you can use it as often as necessary to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh.