No Inhibition HYDRATION line

No Inhibition HYDRATION line

A product line dedicated to hydrating hair. The dream of every woman is to have healthy, radiant and silky hair. The secret of No Inhibition is to make hair look amazing with unique products.

No inhibition created two new products with unparalleled virtues.

Silkening milk gives hair an incomparable radiance and, thanks to its polishing effect, it guarantees long-lasting softness.

silkening-milkSILKENING MILK

Hydrating and polishing milk. Gives softness to the hair, leaving it de-tangled and supple. With just one gesture the hair is silky and shiny from the first application, polishing the hair. It eases drying and prolongs the duration of the style. For all hair types.

Use: apply to clean and towel dried hair and proceed with the desired style.

12 wonders is a leave in spray for all hair types. It’s an intensive spray mask that contains 12 virtues. Soft and silky hair with incredible volume. A velvety texture. For all hair types: colored, natural, fine, coarse, straight, curly, etc.

12-wondersDiscover the secrets of 12 WONDERS 

1. Repairs all hair types 2. Frizz control 3. Prevents split ends 4. Heat protection5. Long lasting hairstyle 6. Incredibly detangling 7. Magnificent shine 8. Adds body and volume 9. Easier ironing 10. Protects and maintains color 11. Protects from UV rays 12. Smoothes the cuticle

Use: very easy to use; thanks to its spray applicator it can be applied directly to the hair. Apply to towel dried hair, massage, then proceed with the desired style.