The Perfect Spring Hair Care Routine For Blonde Hair

The Perfect Spring Hair Care Routine For Blonde Hair

There’s no better time than spring to switch up your cleaning regimen. While you put together a donation bag and move short-sleeved tops to the front of your closet, it’s time to freshen up your hair care routine for softer, cleaner, more cooperative hair.

Why it’s important to switch products

Any number of factors can leave your long-loved products feeling a little lack-luster. While the old adage that hair can get “used to” products is just a myth, seasonal changes can render products ineffective. In some areas, spring brings wetter, warmer weather (humidity, anyone?); in others, dry, sun-burn-y heat is coming to tarnish a hairdo near you.

Blondes have unique spring strand needs

Blonde hair is pretty much the epitome of “spring”. If there’s a hair color that feels more fresh and full of life, we haven’t seen it. But with that fun, breezy vibe comes unique seasonal struggles. Sunshine is a mixed blessing for fair-haired gals. It feels heavenly, but it also has a nasty habit of changing the color of strands. This happens for the same reason that your skin gets darker in the sun. Your hair contains melanin, which is responsible for hair’s natural pigment.  Sunshine lightens this pigmentation, changing the appearance of your hair.
  • For this, we recommend switching hair care routine for blonde hair with few easy to use products. Sweet camomile shampoo is the color-conscious, gentle solution to protecting your natural highlights and pigmentation from damage. True to its name, sweet camomile contains glycerin extract from organic camomile. This powerful natural remedy is known for reviving and intensifying those gorgeous golden tones.
  • It’s also infused with our proprietary Integrity 41, a compound crafted from sunflower seeds that protects the stability and brightness of your strands.

Extra care

But melanin isn’t a blonde’s only enemy when it comes to spring sun exposure. Nature’s tanning bed also changes the composition of other proteins in your hair, which leads to dryness and tangling.
  • For the unmanageability that comes with warmer weather, we’re all about sweet camomile conditioner. It complements the color-maintaining properties of its shampoo counterpart, but takes things a step further with powerful conditioning agents like panthenol and rice bran oil to leave hair silky, shiny, and more manageable.
And, sometimes, hair needs a little leave-in power to maximize color maintenance, softness, and strength all day. Dry, tangly, or dull-looking hair can plague natural blonds. To combat these issues, we recommend spritzing sweet camomile leave-in conditioner onto your towel-dried hair. This soothingly scented conditioner draws on the protective powers of aloe vera and the stabilizing effects of Integrity 41 to keep your color glowing with freshness, shine, and that tangle-free feeling—without the rinse.
Spring is a time to come alive, to refresh, to cleanse, and to thrive. Give your blonde hair the same treatment as your life and your wardrobe and infuse those locks with season-appropriate nourishment.