in the pink.

pink lemonade deposits bright pink tones while keeping blonde hair at its healthiest.

hair care with a twist

Healthy hair care now comes in pink!

This fresh, fun, limited edition duo cleanses and conditions hair with temporary pink tones. While the healthy hair benefits last forever, the rosy hue rinses out in just a few washes.

Pink Lemonade shampoo & conditioner....
/ Cleanses and conditions
/ Has a bright pink pigment
/ Ideal for light to very light blonde hair
/ Color lasts just a few washes
/ Smells like sweet citrus

let's get fresh

It's time to mix up your haircare routine. Our new milk_shake Pink Lemonade brings you the prettiest color trend for hair. With two products to cleanse and condition with gorgeous pink tones that lasts just a few washes.

pink lemonade shampoo

pink lemonade conditioner

Active ingredients chosen with care.

Using our signature milk proteins to strengthen and nourish hair, Pink Lemonade keeps it fresh with grapefruit extract. Not only does this super-fruit contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins, it also has a conditioning effect on hair.

milk proteins

give strength and nourishment and guarantee soft, manageable hair.

grapefruit extract

with a conditioning and invigorating action, it releases a boost of well-being

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