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milk_shake silver shine duo

Silver Shine Shampoo 300 ml / 10.1 oz - Silver Shine Conditioner 250 ml / 8.4 oz
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Blonde hair is beautiful when its radiant, when it has a pastel tone, or doesn’t have an excess of brassy or yellow tones. milk_shake® silver shine is the range developed to neutralize the typical golden and yellow hues that can be present in blond, lightened or grey hair. milk_shake® silver shine products combine the restructuring benefits of milk protein, vitamin-rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralize unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair and are key for healthy-looking shiny blond hair.

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What is milk_shake silver shine duo?

Formulated to neutralize the typical golden and yellow hues that can be present in blond, lightened or grey hair, the specific violet pigment in silver shine counteracts unwanted yellow, golden or brassy tones in natural or lightened blond, grey or white hair. milk_shake silver shine duo is ideal to enhance natural tones in blonde, lightened or grey hair, neutralizing yellow tones and give softness, manageability and shine while revitalizing the hair.

The fragrance in the silver shine range is a gorgeous gourmand experience: the head notes of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry blend with floral heart notes. The base notes are made of sweet musky tones that leave a delicate fragrance on the hair.

What does it do?

Silver shine is a unique range that counteracts yellow tones in natural or lightened blond hair while providing a gentle treatment all in one product range.

Who is it for?

This duo is for anyone with blonde (natural or high lightened), grey or white hair looking to remove unwanted yellow or warm tones. Blond hair requires particular care to maintain its lustre and shine, especially if it’s been highlighted or lightened. Over time, repeated washing, technical treatments, external aggressors and brushing can deprive blond hair of its natural beauty. At the same time, white or grey hair can have unwanted brassy or yellow tones. In that case, yellow and golden hues create the perception of unkempt hair, aging hair, or in the case of hair lightening, a bad technical service. Therefore, it’s a good practice to use a specific treatment that neutralizes excessive yellow or brassy tones on blonde, lightened or grey hair in order to create neutral and radiant tones, pastel colored lightening, and radiant whites at home.

secret to beautiful blond hair

Silver shine is the range developed to neutralize the typical golden and yellow hues that can be present in blond, lightened or grey hair. 

The active ingredients within milk_shake® silver shine products are carefully selected for their revitalizing and neutralizing properties capable of counteracting unwanted yellow or warm tones.

The combination of organic berry extracts and milk proteins helps to strengthen, condition and enhance the shine in hair, giving splendor, whilst the exclusive ingredient Integrity 41® improves color stability over time.


Use silver shine to:
  • enhance natural tones in blond, lightened or grey hair, neutralizing yellow tones
  • give softness, manageability and shine, revitalizing the hair

Active ingredients chosen with care.

Ingredient Image

violet pigments

helps neutralize unwanted yellow or warm tones

Ingredient Image

raspberry, blueberry and mango extracts

have a protective, invigorating and energizing action

Ingredient Image

Integrity 41®

sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols protects from free radicals and aggressors that can damage hair helps to improve color stability over time

Ingredient Image

milk proteins

strong supplementing and protective action for the hair’s structure. Give strength and resistance to hair.

real world results

before & after
before silver-shine-before
after silver-shine-after