happiness begins with great hair care.

milk_shake® is a range of professional hair care products that believes in simple, joyful, spontaneous beauty.

leave in conditioner

Everyone needs a good leave-in. This versatile, multi-benefit product delivers much needed benefits to keep your hair stronger, shinier, and healthier. Available in sweet vanilla & vegan-friendly flower scents!

it's care for every hair.  
  • leaves hair easier to comb
  • protects hair structure and moisture balance
  • enhances the moisture balance
  • improves color stability
  • strengthens, revitalizes and gives shine to the hair

whipped cream

for vibrant, shiny color.

A unique, lightweight leave-in conditioning foam that maintains moisture balance and preserves hair color. The soft and creamy formula instantly makes hair soft and easy to comb without weighing it down. milk_shake whipped cream prevents static electricity and frizziness, leaving hair soft & shiny. Available in sweet vanilla & vegan-friendly flower scents

incredible milk

An intense spray treatment that does everything but file your taxes. This incredible leave-in mask is packed with nutrients like milk proteins and fruit extracts in our original, sweet vanilla scented formula and soy proteins in our vegan-friendly flower scent!

  • detangles & repairs damage
  • adds shine & softness
  • protects from UV rays & maintains color 
  • increases volume & body
  • controls frizz & banishes split ends
  • smooths hair cuticle & improves manageability

color care

for vibrant, shiny color.

Two ways to keep your hair vibrant & healthy. Both our original, sulfate-free formula and vegan-friendly flower shampoos have been specially designed to hydrate hair and protect against color fade.  milk_shake color care shampoo is perfect for everyday use, resulting in smoother, softer hair that is easier to control.

moisture plus

for deeply hydrated hair.

If your hair is dry, you need this shampoo & conditioner duo. Moisture plus is specially formulated to deliver maximum hydration for shiny, lustrous hair and vibrant color. It gives the sensation of healthy hair and has a delicious fragrance.

  • designed for dry hair
  • milk proteins strengthen
  • organic papaya extract hydrates
  • paraben free
  • tropical papaya scent

icy blond

made for bombshell blondes.

milk_shake icy blond deposits delicate ash tones to keep brass out of very light blonde, platinum and gray hair. This duo prolongs the effects of grey or silver tones. It helps to neutralize and counteract unwanted yellow or brassy tones in blond hair. This formula is gentle and nourishing to vulnerable hair and protects hair health while counteracting yellow tones to give you a cool, ashy look. Hair stays icy for days!

*Not recommended for grey or white hair. SLES & paraben-free.

silver shine

for cool, brass-free blondes.

This family of purple pigmented products was specifically designed to neutralize yellow undertones in light blonde, grey & white hair. The active ingredients within milk_shake® silver shine shampoo are carefully selected for their revitalizing and neutralizing properties. All silver shine formulas are SLES free and leave hair soft and shiny.

  • neutralizes yellow tones 
  • revives grey & white hair 
  • strengthening milk proteins 
  • antioxidant-rich blueberry extract 
  • mixed berry scent 


for nourished, repaired hair.

This ultra-beneficial duo is dedicated to repairing, reconstructing, and nourishing  hair deeply through high-quality natural ingredients.These gentle, highly concentrated formulas enriched with organic muru muru butter give hair protection, shine, and vitality. Integrity nourishing shampoo & conditioner softens hair and eliminates frizz.


for super sleek, shiny hair.

insta.lotion is a light-as-water, easy to use hair mask that takes the place of a regular conditioner. simply apply to hair after shampooing, work through and rinse. There’s no additional processing time with insta.lotion just smooth, ultra-hydrated, shiny hair.

  • reduces drying time
  • prolongs color vibrancy 
  • hydrates hair

lifestyling dry shampoo

milk_shake dry shampoo is a special powder-based formula which absorbs accumulated sebum on the hair and counteracts the shine, flatness and odor of greasy hair, which tends to look dirty.milk_shake dry shampoo gives a fresh and light sensation that restores the clean look and feel of the hair without using cleansers or water. It contains a special modified starch that helps to absorb sebum to reduce the unwanted shine and heaviness created by scalp impurities. Formulated with hemp seed oil, that has nourishing and emollient properties for scalp and hair.

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