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milk_shake deep conditioning mask

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milk_shake deep conditioning mask is an intense maintenance conditioner for color-treated hair. It gives nourishment and structure for deep protection. Leaves hair soft, shiny, strong and weightless. Thanks to its highly efficient professional formula, it helps improve color stability and maintains color intensity over time. Paraben free. 

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What is milk_shake deep conditioning mask?

milk_shake deep conditioning mask is an intense maintenance conditioner for color-treated hair. It gives nourishment and structure for deep protection. Leaves hair soft, shiny, strong and weightless. Most suitable for coarse hair. Milk proteins offer deep hair reconstruction. Our exclusive ingredient Integrity 41 improves color stability. It is ideal for maintaining the beauty and vitality of colored hair. It contains milk protein that deeply reconstructs hair, and special conditioning and hydrating agents that sooth and condition both scalp and hair. concept's exclusive ingredient, Integrity 41, improves and extends hair color life. It has a pleasant fragrance of sweet milk, and leaves hair shiny, vital and conditioned. Paraben free.

This mask has a pleasant fragrance of sweet milk, and leaves hair shiny, vital and conditioned. It is perfect for everyday use, resulting in smoother, softer hair that is easier to control.

For best results, combine with milk_shake color maintainer shampoo & milk_shake color maintainer conditioner.

What does it do?

It provides ultimate long-lasting color and conditioning to hair. This deep conditioning mask is formulated with a concentrate of specific active ingredients for optimal color retention and stability for chemically-treated hair. The exceptionally protective and detangling formula leaves hair soft, shiny and strong.

Who is it for?

milk_shake® color care products are for anyone wanting to preserve, protect and hydrate their color, both artificial and/or natural.

ultimate color protection

milk_shake® color maintainer products are the ultimate hair care product to protect color-treat hair and improve color stability. This shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and hair while maintaining the beauty and the vitality of color-treated hair.

The active ingredients within milk_shake® color maintainer shampoo are carefully selected for their protective and hydrating properties capable of improving color stability and leaving hair soft & shiny.

milk_shake® color maintainer shampoo is enriched with MILK PROTEINS,  HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEINS AND INTEGRITY 41® that are restructuring, reparative, conditioning and prevent color from fading.


Use if your hair is:
  • color-treated


Active ingredients chosen with care.

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milk proteins

supplement the keratin component of the hair with a restorative, restructuring, strengthening, protective and conditioning action. The hair gains nourishment, strength, shine, smoothness and softness.

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integrity 41®

prevents and repairs damage caused by external aggressors, UV rays and frequent washing. It guarantees radiance and vibrant hair color for longer..

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vitamin E

helps to prevent and counteract the oxidative processes that cause color-fading and dullness in the hair.

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wheat proteins

restore the natural components of the keratin within the hair, which are essential for the hair’s structure, strength and resistance.

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