Bouncy Curls step-by-step

Bouncy Curls step-by-step

To create the "Bouncy Curl" look begin by preparing the hair with milk_shake Volume Solution Shampoo and Conditioner followed by these steps:

 Step 1

Apply No Inhibition Silkening Milk to close the cuticle and add volume and shine


Layer in No Inhibition Texturizing Volumizing Foam and No Inhibition Body Booster

Step 3

Blow dry the hair in a manner that crates volume in the hair. Add No Inhibition Fluid Gloss for extra shine and blow dry lightly to set the product in the hair.

Step 4

Use curling rod or iron to create curls. Set the hair lightly by spraying No Inhibition Volumizing Hairspray to each section just prior to rolling. Once the hair has been set, remove the roller, arrange your curls and lock everything in place with No Inhibition Volumizing Hairspray.

Products used:

milk_shake volume solution shampoo milk_shake volume solution conditioner no inhibition silkening milk no inhibition texturizing & volumizing foam no inhibition body booster no inhibition fluid gloss no inhibition volumizer hairspray 
Photo credit: Ines DiSanto Bridal Couture 2015 Runway Show
Lead Stylist: Felix Fisher for House of European Hair
Photographer: © David Webber
Text: David Gulino, Creative Education Director concept usa