Calling All Blondes: Why You Need To Start Using Purple Shampoo

Calling All Blondes: Why You Need To Start Using Purple Shampoo

Do blondes really have more fun? We think so—with the right haircare routine. Those golden locks of yours have probably garnered all sorts of comments. You have blonde moments, you have more fun, and your friends are just so jealous of your sleek ‘do, right? All of that is great, but they don’t know just how much work it takes to keep your color glowing and save your tresses from the stresses of damage. Too much washing, too many UV rays, the wrong shampoo, environmental pollution. All of them can do a number on your mane in ways that can feel overwhelming to reverse. Of course, you can only fit so many salon trips into a month. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do at home to keep that fair hair looking as healthy as it did in the salon mirror.
The mystery of the chameleon color
Whether you kept your natural blonde locks or went platinum for style, blondes all share the same worst nightmare—natural, vibrant color that dulls into a sad, ashy mess; or, worse yet, a sleek and chic blonde tone that rebels into a wayward brass.
Why blonde hair turn brassy?
Sun, the chlorine in swimming pools, and hair products containing chemicals like sulfates and parabens can strip your hard-earned blonde straight from your scalp. You didn’t sign up for Rapunzel-yellow or sassy-orange hues. Luckily, you can do plenty at home to rejuvenate your style-defining color.
Enter: purple shampoo


It sounds scary. Okay—it even looks a little scary when you first see it. But purple shampoo doesn’t turn your hair purple. Instead, it caters to the unique needs of blonde hair in a way that regular shampoo can’t. Pull up a photo of an artist’s color wheel and you’ll notice that the color directly opposite bright yellow is deep purple. So, when you mix those colors, the unique violet pigment neutralizes the unwanted yellow and brassy tones to restore your original color. Purple shampoo works because of color theory—it’s that simple. Purple shampoo is a toning product for light hair that combats the damage caused by frequent washing, swimming, and excessive sun exposure.
silver-shine-shampooIs purple shampoo right for me? concept™ milk_shake silver shine shampoo is the ideal brassy-hair solution for both natural and salon blondes. Bonus: if you’re sporting bright grey or white hair, it’ll help you maintain your original tone, too. Unlike many shampoos, milk_shake silver shine shampoo is gentle on hair and equipped with the specific purple pigment necessary to wipe your locks clean of unwanted color changes. Natural brunettes with stubborn yellow-tinged highlights can scrub their strands with silver shine shampoo, too—it won’t affect the color of your darker hair as it works to restore your highlights and keep your hair healthy.

How to use your purple shampoo
Use it just like you would your normal shampoo: massage it thoroughly into your damp hair, then rinse it out after 1-2 minutes to neutralize mild to moderate brassiness. For more severe brassiness, leave silver shine shampoo in your hair for up to four minutes. Our specially formulated purple shampoo is highly pigmented, so a short scrub goes a long way. More than four minutes of use can lead to the transferal of violet pigment. If, after several uses, your blonde still needs a little extra boost, work some milk_shake silver shine whipped cream leave-in conditioner into your styling routine.
How much should you use?

For the first-time user or for mildly brassy hair, work a nickel-sized drop into your locks thoroughly and rinse immediately. For more severe brassiness, aim for a quarter-sized serving of silver shine shampoo.

How often should you use it?
We recommend using silver shine 1-2 times per week for no more than 4 minutes at a time. If you wash your hair more often than that, alternate between silver shine and your regular shampoo. Before you know it, your original salon color will be back where it belongs—capping your signature style—without the pricey trips to a colorist. *** In the case that you encounter any trouble with overusing the product and getting a color that you did not desire, we recommend using milk_shake deep cleansing shampoo, which will help in eliminating the unwanted violet tones that may occur in the hair due to the product’s high pigmented formula.