How to get healthier, stronger hair, naturally

How to get healthier, stronger hair, naturally

Between heat, styling tools, and chemical processes, your hair can take a real beating. While a consistent hair care regime is key, every so often you may need to pull out the heavy health hair artillery.

That’s where the milk_shake integrity line comes in. Formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients, this care system is designed to deliver intense nourishment and restored strength to traumatized tresses. Suitable for all hair types, this line uses a combination of potent products to repair hair from the inside out.

Stronger hair, naturally.

Milk_shake 'sethos of natural beauty is at the core of all that we do. In keeping with this ideology, the integrity line uses knowledge of active ingredients from Amazon traditions, with the latest technology. By combining organic muru muru butter and amino acids, integrity is able to create stronger hair from the inside out. This ultra-concentrated formula gives hair nourishment, protection, vitality, and shine.

Muru muru butter comes to us from indigenous Amazonian medicine. Historically, women of this region have used this plant for generations for its rich, emollient properties for both skin and hair. Beyond its transformative hydrating properties, muru muru butter also contains unique phytonutrients that fight frizz. These nutrients support keratin scale cohesion on the hair shaft—making hair smoother.


Combining muru muru butter with a plant-based amino acid complex is a natural match. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein—a key component of hair strength. The synergy between these ingredients creates beautiful, healthy, stronger hair.

Additionally, we’ve added potent plant oils and butters and hyaluronic acid to expand the benefits of muru muru butter. With a combination of argan, coconut, shea and cocoa butters, along with buriti oil from the Amazon, hair is well nourished and protected from future damage.

Finally, fruit extracts, white beeswax, vitamin E, bergamot, and hydrolyzed rice and milk proteins all work together with these key ingredients. This ensures that your hair is revitalized and protected from the signs of aging.

Integrity systems for all hair types

FINE SLIGHTLY DRY HAIR Rx: integrity system nourishing shampoo & conditioner / integrity oil
FINE DRY HAIR Rx: integrity rebuilder /  integrity system nourishing shampoo & conditioner / integrity oil
FINE VERY DRY/DAMAGED HAIR Rx: integrity rebuilder /  integrity system nourishing shampoo & conditioner / integrity repairing hair protein treatment/ integrity oil

COARSE DRY/ DAMAGED HAIR Rx: nourishing muru muru butter/ integrity system nourishing shampoo/ integrity hair repairing treatment / integrity system intensive treatment / incredible oil