when to use which cleansing shampoo

when to use which cleansing shampoo

milk_shake offers a wide range of shampoos designed specifically to improve scalp health. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to know which one is best to use and when. We’ll go through each one and also how to choose the right conditioner to go with it. 

Energizing Blend 

We’re tackling this one first because it’s the only scalp care shampoo that has a corresponding conditioner. Energizing Blend contains fiorvanti balm and rosemary extract to help stimulate circulation in the scalp. This duo is designed to help people with thinning hair. A clean scalp with increased circulation can help hair to grow thicker and with more volume.  

Normalizing Blend 

This shampoo is designed to clean excessive oil and sebum off the scalp. This can help keep pores from being clogged and promotes over all scalp health. Normalizing shampoo is recommended for folks with excessive sebum production or a chronically oily scalp.  

Purifying Blend

This ultra-cleansing shampoo is designed for those with a flaky scalp. With a blend of seaweed, nettle, and achillea extracts plus lemon and rosemary, purifying blend shampoo cleans thoroughly, but gently. Purifying blend is SLES/SLS free. 

Deep Cleansing 

This ultra-powerful cleanser removes product buildup and excessive oils and chlorine from the hair lengths and ends. It’s designed to be used 1-2x per week for deep cleaning purposes. This gentle, yet powerful shampoo is designed for those who frequently use a lot of styling products or who are exposed to chlorine regularly. 

Deep Detox 

This unique cleanser is designed to treat both the scalp and hair. Deep Detox removes product buildup and excessive oils from the scalp and heavy metal residue from hair lengths and ends. It removes 55.5% of lead and 63.3%of copper while respecting the integrity of the hair. Deep Detox is meant to be used 1-2x/week and designed for hair that is exposed to a lot of pollutants and heavy metals.  


Choosing the right conditioner 

No matter which shampoo you choose, there is one important thing to keep in mind when selecting a conditioner: consider the condition of the hair.  

For dry hair: Moisture Plus Conditioner 

For damaged hair: Integrity nourishing conditioner  

For fine hair: Volumizing conditioner 

For colour-treated hair: color maintainer conditioner or color maintainer flower

For frizzy hair: K-respect smoothing conditioner