milk_shake Scalp Care: Improve The Wellbeing Of Your Scalp

milk_shake Scalp Care: Improve The Wellbeing Of Your Scalp

Purify, normalize, energize. A busy, hectic, day-to-day lifestyle often takes its toll on hair. Pollution, stress and unsound daily habits can lead to an unhealthy scalp. They create unsightly disorders for the hair such as dandruff, excess grease or even hair loss. Milk_shake scalp care is the first, targeted milk_shake range designed to improve the wellbeing of the scalp. They are designed to strengthen and improve hair health. / gentle cleansers and treatments that respect the hair and scalp’s delicate balance and are paraben, SLS and SLES free / milk_shake scalp care contains certified organic plant-based ingredients. Selected essential oils give professional results and natural, long- lasting and visible wellbeing to scalp and hair / environmentally-friendly biodegradable plastic and recyclable glass packaging, and paper packaging that is made from sources that are managed responsibly milk_shake Scalp Care contains three hair care ranges for the complete care of scalp and hair. purifying blend / normalizing blend / energizing blend

purifying blend shampoo

intensive purifying shampoo for scalp and hair

Dandruff is a common problem that affects both men and women, regardless of whether they live in a big city or the airy countryside. An itchy, flaky scalp can be an embarrassing, unsightly and uncomfortable disorder and requires a delicate, targeted treatment. With AFA seaweed, organic nettle and achillea extracts, and lemon and rosemary essential oils,milk_shake purifying blend shampoo cleanse deeply yet gently. It neutralizes the scalp freeing it from impurities, dandruff, sebum, sweat and styling product residue, contributing to protecting scalp and hair from pollution, for a healthy, shiny result. Ideal for men and women with dandruff who want to gently cleanse their hair and get rid of grease, impurities, and dullness. Use: distribute evenly over damp hair and lather, leave in for a few minutes, then rinse.


normalizing blend shampoo

shampoo for normal or greasy scalp and hair

Hair and scalp need a healthy sebum balance – but too much or too little sebum can have negative consequences for both scalp and hair. Some shampoos for greasy hair and scalp can be too aggressive and actually worsen the production of excess grease, leaving hair looking unclean and lifeless. Normalizing blend shampoo is much more than just a simple cleanser. It's a real treatment for the hair, its formula with organic coriander and helichrysum extracts, cedar and coriander essential oils, and a balanced mix of delicate cleansers, cleanse deeply yet gently, removing sebum and oily residue delicately, improving the delicate and healthy balance of sebum production. Ideal for men and women with greasy hair, who want to cleanse their hair gently. Normalizing blend shampoo eliminates sebum and the greasy appearance and unpleasant odor associated with this disorder. Use: distribute uniformly over damp scalp and hair, lather and rinse. Repeat if necessary.


energizing blend shampoo

hair thickener shampoo

Men and women alike are increasingly concerned about the health of their hair, especially when it is thinning and frail. This shampoo for fine, thinning and fragile hair cleanses deeply but gently. It respects the scalp and hair and improves hair density. The high-quality formula contains organic rosemary and sage extracts, Fioravanti balm and a mix of 11 essential oils for a pleasant feeling of calm relaxation. Use: apply to damp scalp and hair. Gently massage by applying a slight pressure with the fingertips in a circular motion to enhance the microcirculation of the scalp. Rinse and proceed with energizing blend conditioner and treatment.


energizing blend conditioner

hair thickener conditioner

A conditioner for fine, thinning and fragile hair, it detangles and gives softness without weighing the hair down. The selected blend of botanical extracts and powerful hair conditioners invigorate the hair shaft and give a soft, pleasant, energizing feeling. Contains organic rosemary and sage extracts. Fioravanti balm, rice bran oil, vitamin E and a mix of 11 essential oils are added for a visible densifying effect. Use: apply to damp, clean hair, gently massage. Leave in for a few minutes while applying a slight pressure using the fingertips in a circular motion to enhance the microcirculation of the scalp. Comb through if desired and rinse thoroughly.


energizing blend scalp treatment

hair thickener treatment

An energizing and strengthening lotion to restore fullness, thickness, and luster to ne, thinning and fragile hair. The innovative formula contains a special blend of active ingredients with stimulating properties for the hair. Organic rosemary and sage extracts, Fioravanti balm, arnica extract, natural camphor and rice proteins. Use: apply to the scalp and massage gently for a few minutes using circular movements. Use a light pressure from the fingertips to improve the microcirculation of the scalp and create the optimal conditions for new hair growth. Do not rinse and proceed with styling. Apply the treatment twice a week for best results.