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milk_shake lifestyling smoothing cream

150 ml / 5.1 oz

milk_shake lifestyling smoothing cream, for medium to coarse hair, creates shine while protecting and conditioning hair weightlessly with hydrolyzed quinoa, hydrolyzed chestnut extract, silk proteins and fruit extracts. milk_shake smoothing cream also contains UV filters that protect hair color. Hair is smooth and protected from heat and styling tools, conditioned for maximum manageability and resistant to humidity.

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smoothing cream for soft hold milk_shake Lifestyling smoothing cream, with a special silicon, creates a transparent film that smooths, protects and conditions hair without making it look dull. Special emollient agents condition the hair and make brushing easier during styling, and a fixative filmogen agent helps in creating long-lasting sleek styles. Contains silk proteins with film forming action, thermal protection and conditioning properties protecting from aggressors that damage hair. Quinoa proteins for color protection will prevent color from fading and increases manageability and shine. UV filter protects from the rays that cause dehydration and color-fading. Hair is protected from heat, humidity, and color fading. milk_shake Lifestyling smoothing cream smoothes hair's cuticle and gives it light, natural support. Good for medium and thick hair.


Whether in the spotlight or in everyday life, milk_shake® lifestyling is the complete range of styling products to create an infinite array of looks.

milk_shake® lifestyling products enhance the beauty of the hair through active ingredients and naturally-sourced extracts. The active ingredients within the milk_shake® lifestyling products are carefully selected for their treatment action and shaping capacity, capable of giving strength to the healthy, weightless result of the style.


Ideal for:
  • medium and thick hair
What it does:
  • smooths, protects and conditions the hair
  • makes brushing easier
  • helps in creating long-lasting sleek styles

Active ingredients chosen with care.

Ingredient Image

quinoa proteins

protect hair color and prevent color-fading, increase manageability and give shine to the hair.

Ingredient Image

silk proteins

have a film-forming action and provides heat protection

Ingredient Image

UV filter

prevents color-fading and dehydration

real world results

before & after
before smoothing-cream-before
after smoothing-cream-after

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