leave-in conditioner
with a pop of color 

Color whipped creams are a temporary hair color that come ready-mixed in a decadent, moisturizing foam.

endless combinations. 

There are 12 different shades of color whipped creams to choose from and they can all be mixed to create a more custom look.
On similarly toned hair, the effects last 1-2 shampoos* giving you lots of options to try something new. This professional-quality product is sold at milk_shake salons, find yours in our salon locator!

Active ingredients chosen with care.

Indulge in the softness of milk_shake® color whipped cream. Colorful foams with delicious fragrances that give delicate, temporary color tones to hair, guaranteeing condition and hydration. Technology and nature combine to give new vitality to hair color with the simplicity and taste of fruit without stains or residue.

milk proteins

supplement and condition the hair’s structure.

integrity 41®

sunflower seed antioxidant complex that guarantees long-lasting color over time.

vitamin e

widely known for its antioxidant and hydrating properties. Has a protective action and counteracts oxidative processes involved in the alteration of scalp and hair.

raspberry, blueberry and mango extracts

have a protective, toning and energizing action.

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discover the softness of milk_shake® Color Whipped Cream
discover the softness of milk_shake® Color Whipped Cream
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