fall in love with our formulas.

the haircare routine for color-treated hair with highly performing plant-based ingredients.

potent protection, powered by plants.  

Flower power is a complete care package that offers serious protection. We’ve taken four fan-favorite products and given them a floral makeover. New vegan formulas, new scent, same to-die-for performance.

When we released our floral edition leave-in conditioner it quickly became one of our most popular products. The delicate fragrance of gardenia, jasmine, and lotus is anchored in white musk and amber and topped with subtle notes of peach & mandarin. This unique, sophisticated scent is now available in a complete care range.

flower care for your hair:

a complete range that includes our much-loved color care and leave-in products, for beautiful hair results.

fan-favorites, new formulas. 

Flower power is more than just a pretty scent. With powerful plant-based ingredients, this care line packs in serious nutrients. While flower power is specially designed for color-treated hair, it benefits all hair types and textures.

  • shampoo: hydrating, protecting shampoo for color-treated hair
  • conditioner:conditioning cream for color-treated hair
  • leave-in conditioner: no-rinse conditioning spray for all hair types
  • incredible milk:leave-in spray treatment for all hair types

100% vegan.

Plant-based performance has never looked so good.

Flower power’s unique blend of potent ingredients delivers incredible color stability while restructuring hair.
The results? Healthy, strong, shiny hair without using any animal-derived ingredients.

color maintainer shampoo / flower fragrance

hydrating and protective shampoo for color-treated hair

color maintainer conditioner / flower fragrance

conditioning cream for color-treated hair

leave in conditioner / flower fragrance

no-rinse conditioning spray for all hair types

incredible milk / flower fragrance

leave in treatment for all hair types

whipped cream / flower fragrance

no-rinse conditioning and protective creamy foam for all hair types

Active ingredients chosen with care.

The fresh, sweet floral notes give an exquisite fragrance to the range, celebrating nature in all its beauty and simplicity.

soy proteins

particularly efficient on damaged dry and dull hair, they help to repair damaged hair

moringa oleifera extract

a superfood with emollient and hydrating properties for the hair and scalp, with a high vitamin and mineral content

integrity 41®

gives hair shine and helps to protect hair color over time

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