mirror-like shine, instantly. 

a liquid hair mask that delivers multiple benefits in seconds!

beyond the shine. 

It’s no one-trick pony—insta.lotion does more than just make hair shiny . It also reduces drying time, prolongs color vibrancy and infuses hair with needed moisture .

real world results

Active ingredients chosen with care.

A rinse-out liquid mask with hyaluronic acid that’s as light as water. In just a few seconds gives manageability, shine, hydration and smoothness.

sweet almond proteins

cover the hair fibre and seal hair cuticles, giving hair elasticity, softness and shine.

hyaluronic acid

penetrates into the hair's structure, balancing the hydration levels within the hair.

milk proteins

have a conditioning and nourishing effect, giving hair strength and softness.

fruit extracts

lemon and blueberry give the hair radiance, shine and silky softness.

glass hair for days.

Stop in to your local milk_shake salon for the latest in shiny hair. insta.light gives soft, silky hair with incredible shine in as little as 30-60 minutes. This hair lamination service has just 4 steps and the effects last for 3 days.

  • sweet almond: seals the cuticle, gives elasticity, softness & shine
  • hyaluronic acid: balances hydration levels
  • + our signature milk proteins & fruit extracts!

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