everything you need to know about our new liquid hair mask

everything you need to know about our new liquid hair mask

There’s never been a product quite like insta.lotion. This incredible hair mask is super easy to use and delivers multiple benefits— just about instantly. It’s not quite a treatment, not quite a conditioner and that can cause some confusion. Here are the most asked questions about insta.lotion. 


Q: What is insta.lotion? 

A: Insta Lotion is liquid hair mask that gives incredible mirror-like shine—instantly. 

Q: What does it do? 

A: Insta Lotion detangles, hydrates, gives instant shine and removes frizz from hair. It prolongs color vibrancy up to 60% more than other conditioners & shortens drying time. 

Q: Is it a treatment? 

No, Insta Lotion is used after shampooing, in place of a conditioner. 

Q: How do I use insta.lotion? 

A: Apply to damp hair after cleansing, concentrating on lengths and ends and twisting the hair around the fingers to help the product penetrate deeper. Leave in for a few seconds and rinse out. 

Q: Is there a corresponding shampoo? 

A: No, insta.lotion can be used with any of your favorite milk_shake shampoos. 

Q: Who is it best for? 

A: Insta.lotion is perfect for color-treated hair, and those who frequently blow out their hair smooth.   

Q: When should I use insta.lotion? 

A: You can use insta.lotion in the shower right after you shampoo, in place of a conditioner.  

Q: What is it like to use? 

A: Insta Lotion is a liquid hair mask, with a feel that is as light as water. It rinses out almost instantly and smells like peach bellinis! 


Q: Does it have any beneficial ingredients? 

A: Yes! Hyaluronic Acid for softness, lemon & blueberry extracts for shine and of course...milk proteins for strength! 

Q: How long do the effects last? 

A: The active ingredients in insta.lotion will continue to benefit hair health for as long as you use it. However, the shine and frizz reduction effects last through the next shampoo. 


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