4 tips how to maintain hair color fresh longer

4 tips how to maintain hair color fresh longer

There’s nothing worse than switching up your style with a brand-new statement color… only to watch it wash down the drain, shower by shower, until it’s a dull imitation of its salon-day hue. Bad showering habits, the wrong products, and chemicals found in pools and the environment can all contribute to the loss of salon color. Luckily, there are plenty of simple haircare tips how to maintain hair color fresh and keep your color looking healthier, longer.
1. Hold off on that post-color shampoo
The first few days after a fresh color can set the tone for your hair color health down the line. If your hair can hack it, wait at least 2-3 days post-color before you shampoo. This will allow the color to set in and minimize the risk of fading.
2. No more shower simmering
We know: sometimes channeling your inner egg to fry for a few minutes under the steamy water is just what the doctor ordered. But hot showers can do serious damage to color-treated hair. Try to keep your water temp warm while you’re showering and wash your hair with cold water instead of hot. The hotter the water, the faster it leeches color from your hair.
3. Don’t overdo the shampoo
While swearing off cleaning isn’t a color-boosting solution, it’s important not to over-shampoo color treated hair for two reasons. First, the natural oils that are secreted by your scalp keep color looking vibrant and your hair conditioned. Second, the more often you get your hair wet, the sooner color will fade from your strands. For optimum color maintenance, shampoo no more than 2-3 times per week and use a shampoo designed to protect color from fading.
4. Choose products wisely

You know how your skin can get red, dry, bumpy, or irritated if you use a product (like lotion or cleanser) that it doesn’t like? Hair is the same way, and color-treated hair is even more sensitive. That’s why it’s important to use products specifically tailored to the needs of colored hair: specifically products that help maintain vivid hues, and ones formulated to keep those hairs hydrated.


So which products, you might ask, will help protect hair from color loss and cater to the unique needs of color-treated hair? At z.one, we can’t get enough of milk_shake color maintainer shampoo and color maintainer conditioner duo. These products have been specially designed to hydrate hair and protect against color fade. Contains natural milk protein that conditions and repairs within hair’s cortex and cuticles, making it manageable, soft and vibrant. z.one concept’s exclusive ingredient, Integrity 41, improves and extends hair color life.  

For ultimate long-lasting color and conditioning include milk_shake Deep Color Maintainer Balm in your hair care routine. It’s ultra-conditioning and is packed with natural ingredients—like milk proteins—that keep hair shiny, soft, and strong, three qualities crucial to keeping color looking top-notch. Milk_shake Deep Color Maintainer Balm also contains quinoa protein, one of our best-kept secrets for keeping color looking intense, healthy, and fresh. The balm keeps your hair hydrated and super-healthy while locking in the luster that defines your signature color. Bonus: It’s super easy to use. Once you’ve shampooed, washed, and towel-dried your hair, disperse 1-2 quarter-sized amount or the product, depending on the density of hair, through your locks; then, let it set for 2-3 minutes before combing it through your strands and rinsing again. The combination of gentle hair-care techniques and color-conscious products will help you keep color lively longer and prevent nasty discoloration. Have you already tried milk_shake Color Maintainer products before? Let us know in the comments below!