Celebrate 10 years of milk_shake incredible milk!

Celebrate 10 years of milk_shake incredible milk!

To celebrate 10 incredible years with 12 amazing benefits, we’ve partnered with artist Cecilia Castelli to create a whole new look for one of our favorite leave-ins. Castelli, an Italian artist who has worked with numerous big-name brands and media outlets lended her bold graphic style to help us reimagine incredible milk.

Her bright, joyful palette and celebration of shape and form perfectly fit with the milk_Shake ethos. Together, we are able to create a fresh new look that communicates incredible milk’s ability to nourish every hair type and texure.  

New look, new size.  

In addition to the eye-catching new package design, incredible milk is now also avaialable in a limited-edition jumbo size. The new 8.4 fl oz. Size is a perfect fit for those with longer, thicker hair and/or those who simply LOVE incredible milk. 

Same 12 benefits. 

While the size and shape of the bottle may be different, what’s inside is the incredible milk that we all know and love. This wonder product nourishes hair completely, in 12 different ways: 

  • Repairs all hair types 
  • Reduces frizz 
  • Prevents split ends 
  • Protect from heat styling 
  • Maintains style 
  • Dentagles 
  • Gives shine 
  • Increases body and volume 
  • Increases manageability 
  • Protects & maintains hair color 
  • Protects from UV rays 
  • Smooths cuticle 


PSST! Did you know that increible milk also comes in our floral scent? Check it out here >>