milk_shake sweet camomile

milk_shake sweet camomile

milk_shake is introducing a new range of products specifically formulated to turn up the brilliance of blonde hair.

The sweetness of chamomile and honey enhance the color of blonde hair, leaving it incredibly soft to the touch. Chamomile's traditional properties revive the natural highlights of fair hair, leaving it shiny and luminous. Organic honey is prized for its nourishing properties, which render hair incredibly soft, silky and full of brilliant highlights. A beauty treatment that’s perfect for the summer, or to use throughout the year to revive and enhance golden and blonde highlights.

 The innovative formula of milk_shake sweet chamomile product line contains:

_glycerin extract from organic chamomile, renowned for its lightening properties, which revives, intensifies and illuminates the natural highlights in fair hair;

_organic wildflower honey, with a nourishing and conditioning effect, leaves hair soft, silky and with brilliant highlights;

_fruit extracts including papaya and apricot, with multivitamin actions, giving vitality and shine to the hair;

_organic aloe vera gel has a protective and soothing effect, giving conditioning and softness to the hair;

_conditioning agents and moisturizers that provide softness and manageability;

_Integrity 41®, extracted from sunflower seeds, protects color from free radicals and the oxidizing effects of atmospheric agents, making the color last with more stability and brightness;

_SLS free / Paraben free


sweet-camomile-shampooSweet Camomile Shampoo

Revitalizing shampoo for blonde hair, with a delicate SLES free formula, specifically formulated to revive highlights, enhancing the brilliance and vibrancy of blonde hair. The chamomile extract and organic honey in its formula act to soften hair and revive blonde highlights. Suitable for frequent use and recommended also for children.



sweet-camomile-conditionerSweet Camomile Conditioner

A revitalizing conditioner for blonde hair, paraben free with softening and detangling action. Revives highlights, enhances the shine and brilliance of blonde hair, and increases manageability. Its formula combines organic chamomile extract, renowned for its lightening properties, with organic honey, prized for its nourishing properties, making the hair incredibly soft and silky with brilliant highlights.

sweet-camomile-leave-inSweet Camomile Leave In Conditioner

A paraben-free revitalizing leave-in conditioner for blonde hair, specifically formulated to condition natural or slightly dry hair, and to give greater manageability to the hair after the application of conditioners or rinse treatment. Its formula combines organic chamomile extract, renowned for its lightening and softening properties, and organic honey, prized for its nourishing properties.

The sweetness of chamomile and honey to illuminate blonde hair.