Which hair services do you need to see a pro for?

Which hair services do you need to see a pro for?

Let us start this conversation by saying as a professional haircare brand we ALWAYS recommend you see a licensed salon professional to care for your hair. That being said, we also recognize that not everyone has regular access to a professional. When times get tough, often the first thing to go is personal care services. In the aftermath of a global pandemic and with the world facing an economic downturn, we all may have to tighten our belts a bit more. So, let’s get real about which salon services you can safely DIY—and how to do so safely, should the need arise.  


We are starting off with the most hotly debated topic: do you need to see a professional colorist to change your haircolor? 

The answer is not as straight forward as you may think. The question here doesn’t simply have to do with the expertise of the person applying the color, but of the quality of the products used. Professional hair color is made differently and with different ingredients than “box dye” or at-home color. It takes a lot of training and a working knowledge of chemistry and color theory to get the formulations exactly right. It’s important to know that you will always get a better result when using salon-quality hair color.  

Now, when it comes to applying your color, that depends on what you’re trying to do. While we always recommend seeing a professional for any chemical service, some are more complicated than others.  

If you are looking for natural-looking dimension (natural hair is not just one shade!) or are considering going lighter than your current color, step away from the box and pick up the phone. Lightening—or “bleaching”— your hair at home could result in hair breakage and/or loss, and even chemical burns if improperly applied. These services are best left in the hands of a professional. 

What to do at home 


Both of these products are super easy to apply and good for your hair. They are designed for at home use and will wash out in 1-2 shampoos.  

Texture services 

When we are talking about texture services, what we are really talking about is using a chemical process intended to change your existing hair structure. You may recognize these services as “perms” and “relaxers”. One is designed to give your hair curls or waves, the other to straighten and smooth.  

Neither should be performed at home.  

Chemical texture services are very potent and even trained professionals need a special certification to be able to perform them. You risk serious injury (like chemical burns) if you try to DIY a head full of gorgeous curls or pin straight tresses.  

Luckily there are many styling products on offer that can help you achieve the same look at home. While the results don’t last quite as long as what you would receive from a salon service, they can get you through.  

What you can do at home 


The Amazing styling spray lives up to its name, providing amazing style that lasts up to two shampoos! 

Cutting & Styling 

Things get a little more interesting when we are talking about cutting and styling. Most hairstyles require regular maintenance—say a trim every 4-6 weeks—in order to stay looking their best. If this is not sustainable for you, we would encourage you to talk openly and honestly with your stylist. He or she may be able to tweak a cut to last longer, or even train you on how to do some basic maintenance at home. 
Many stylists offer free bang trims, so definitely ask! Hair stylists are human beings too, they are typically very understanding and want to accommodate you as best as they can.  

Hair styling is one place where your DIY skills can really shine. From braids to ponies, buns, and even updos, the world is your oyster. YouTube has plenty of video tutorials (check out our milk_shake braiders playlist for inspo!) and there is a styling product for every possible look.  

You can find all of our styling products at your local milk_shake salon or if there is not one near you, right HERE.