Your Guide to Banishing Frizz

Your Guide to Banishing Frizz

Frizz: the style-killer that only takes a second to leave you looking like you spent the day in a deep-fryer. Luckily, banishing frizz is easy with the right hair care products. If you’re guilty of one of the following frizz faux-pas, we’ll help you take your hair from freaky to fab.      

· Too-hot showers strip your hair of oils.

· The wrong shampoo can leave your hair dry and unruly.

· Heating devices do exactly what they’re supposed to—heat your hair. Unfortunately, they also cause dryness, damage, and frizz.

· Humid or mega-hot weather can all un-do your ‘do. Do you really have to give those things up? Nope! The miracles of modern science have made it so we can have the best of both worlds.

We heart argan

Argan oil is a natural, nourishing cure for damaged hair. This nutty haircare solution is packed with moisturizing ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin E, and omega-6 fatty acids that help banish frizz. Argan oil may originate from a Moroccan tree nut, but there’s no need to hop on a plane. Milk_shake’s easy-to-use argan line has you covered.

milk_shake argan shampoo
milk_shake argan shampoo uses the power of argan oil to eliminate frizz without sacrificing the gentle surfactants that keep your hair clean. Argan is like an instant glass of water for your strands. But milk_shake argan shampoo is also rich in silk and rice proteins that repair your hair’s structure from root to tip. That means we help undo the damage you’ve (unknowingly) allowed while protecting and revitalizing for the future.
milk_shake argan oil

Once you’re done with your daily scrub, it’s important to add an extra layer of protection. Enter: our pure and powerful milk_shake argan oil. It’s got all the benefits of argan oil with the added advantage of a potent conditioning blend. The result? Glowing, revitalized hair from a few drops of leave-in product. Just work a few small squirts through your hair during or after styling to reap the benefits of healthier, shinier hair.


For the styling tool addict

Straighteners, curling irons, and blow-dryers have your hair acting up instead of staying in-line. We know how it goes. That’s why we created the gentle, soothing glistening milk line. 

milk_shake Glistening No Frizz line
The hydrating, shine-inducing glistening milk leaves hair feeling supremely soft and healthy after heat treatments. It’s packed with powerful antioxidants and conditioning agents that protect your hair’s shaft from damage while keeping your hair hydrated—and frizz-free. Its sister, glistening serum, is the perfect styling counterpart. It smooths your hair and eliminates frizz for hair that looks and feels healthy. Work a few drops through your hair before or after styling for hair that’s soft, vibrant, and easy to comb. Sometimes, stubborn strands need an extra layer of protection. That’s where glistening spray steps on-stage. This hydrating and conditioning spray can be spritzed onto dry hair for protection that penetrates your hair’s shaft and keeps frizz in-line for the long-term.