a brighter blonde starts here.

a purple shampoo that kicks brass to the curb!

the best brass-busting range.

The silver shine family of products consists of a violet toned shampoo*, conditioner and leave-in whipped cream.

These three powerhouse blonde maintenance products neutralize brassy tones in light blond hair.

milk_shake silver shine...

/ has violet pigment 

/ comes in two strengths

/ corresponding shampoo, conditioner & leave-in whipped cream 

/ neutralizes yellow tones 

/ designed for light, to ultra-light blondes 

/ revives gray & white hair 

/ smells like mixed berries 

*shampoo only 

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2 levels of pigment.

Our best-selling silver shine shampoo comes in two levels of pigments, full strength original formula and a light version—that contains 50% less pigment.

No matter what your level of comfort is with using a pigmented shampoo, there’s a silver shine formula that fits your blonde!

real world results



Active ingredients chosen with care.

The active ingredients within milk_shake® silver shine range are carefully selected for their revitalizing and neutralizing properties capable of counteracting unwanted yellow or warm tones.
The combination of organic berry extracts and milk proteins helps to strengthen , condition and enhance the shine in hair, giving splendor, whilst the exclusive ingredient Integrity 41® improves color stability over time.

violet pigments

helps neutralize unwanted yellow or warm tones.

organic berry extracts

have a toning and nourishing cosmetic action, while conditioning the scalp and hair.

integrity 41®

sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols protects from free radicals and aggressors that can damage hair helps to improve color stability over time.

milk proteins

strong supplementing and protective action for the hair’s structure give strength and resistance to hair.

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