Get The Look: A Modern Twist to a Romantic Braid

Get The Look: A Modern Twist to a Romantic Braid

What do you get when you mix free-styling boho vibes with a classic updo? A modern take on a Dutch braid that is equal parts sophisticated and sweet. This tidy look incorporates a soft, unstructured braid that keeps it feeling natural, approachable and unfussy. It pairs just as well with flowy festive wear as it does a soft sweater and yoga pants.

While this may look like a complicated style best left to the nimble-fingered, once you get the rhythm of the braid down, it comes together in no time. This romantic style works well on all hair types and textures and pulls double duty as a protective hairstyle, making it the perfect choice for those looking to do some major hair repair.

How to Re-Create the Braider Femme #1 on Natural Straight-Wavy Hair

What youll need:

3- Long Hair clips

Bobby pins

Hair Pins

Hair tie/ponytail holder

Tail comb*

milk_shake freehand paste

milk_shake medium hold spray

 *This is a fine-tooth comb with a long thin handle that can be used to make sharply defined parts

 Step 1: On clean dry hair, create a part that starts above the arch of your left eyebrow and continues back towards the top of the head. Comb the hair to your right side.

Step 2. Split the right side section in half, using one of the long hair clips to hold the rear section in place. Slide the hair clip onto the top section, horizontally, with the opening facing towards your face.

Step 3Use the teeth of the tail comb to get a small amount of Lifestyling Freehand Paste and  apply it to your part around your hairline. Comb remaining paste through the right side of your hair with a sleek down motion. 

Step 4: Repeat this on the left side section. Apply Lifestyling freehand paste around the hairline, using the comb, to smooth out the flyways, sweeping them up and into the hair. 

Step 5: On the right side of the head, comb the hair down and secure the front half of the section with the second hair clip. The second hair clip should face the first, with the opening pointing towards the back of your head.

Step 6. Apply Lifestyling freehand paste as needed around the hairline. Use the comb to smooth out the flyways, sweeping them up and into the hair.

Step 7: Start your first 2section on the right side, around the temple area. Divide the hair in 3 equal parts.

Step 8. Start the braid tight and close to the scalp. Begin by crossing the middle of the three sections over the front piece, and pulling the front piece backwards, underneath. Pull the rear peice underneath the front piece, to the middle.

 Step 9:  Continue the braid towards your nape area, using the dutch braid method. Each time you cross a section, gently pull hair up from the parted-off area and add it in to lengthen your braid towards the lower back of the head.

Step 10: Continue the braid all the way around, following the shape of the nape until you have reached the left side of the head. Continue the braid downwards, in to a ponytail, and secure the braid with a snap-free rubber band. Your finished braid should run a diagonal line, from the front parting down to the end of your ponytail

 Step 11:  On the left side, divide the hair in half, similar to Step 2. Apply Lifestyling freehand paste directly to the middle of your hair, where the front “section” meets the rear, with the comb. Secure the hair with a long clip, opening facing forward.

 Step 12. Take the long braid fold it over itself and  tuck the tail under the nape of your neck horizontally. Fold the ends over the opposite way (as needed depending on the length of your ponytail) and tuck under neath the folded braid, next to the nape of the neck. Slightly roll and pin the braid with a long hair pin in the lower back area.

Step 13: Gently comb the top section and secure the braid with bobby pins.

 Step 14: On the Right side of the braid, gently stretch the braid out, for a softer, less structured look. Gently comb the top section, secure any flyaways, adding with bobby pins & hair pins as needed until the braid feels secure.

 Step 15: For the finishing touches spray Lifestyling medium hold hairspray and using the tail comb gently secure any flyaways towards the braid.

 *NOTE for the Curly Haired Braiders: The only adaptation necessary for this style is to start with damp hair. You can skip the paste until hair is fully dry, and address flyaways as they appear.

 While this lovely braided crown works for pretty much any occasion, if you’re looking for something with a little more edge, try the Rockstar version.