Keep the Brass out of your Blonde Hair with Black Shampoo

Keep the Brass out of your Blonde Hair with Black Shampoo

Platinum blonde and silver hair can be tricky to get right. The first step is making one (or in a lot of cases, more than one) appointment with a professional hair colorist, to get you that ultra-high-lift look. After that, at-home care is key to keeping your shade bright. Natural undertones and environmental factors can make it difficult to keep your blonde, grey, and silver hair brass-free. 


While our best-selling Silver Shine products are known for keeping the brass out of cool blonde tones. But popular ultra-icy platinum and silver shades require a little something extra. Our new Icy Blond shampoo deposits violet tones to counteract yellow tones in hair. Specialized black pigment gives cool ash tones to the hair. The powerful brass-fighting action of Icy Blond shampoo is supported by additional pigments in the softening conditioner.

milk_shake Icy Blond 

Icy Blond shampoo & conditioner imbues milk_shake’s signature sweet scent and decadent usage experience. A dramatic galactic black color combines with a delicious grape scent to delight your guests—at the shampoo bowl, and beyond.


Why use a black shampoo & conditioner?

Beyond lightening, environmental factors like sun exposure and harsh cleansers can result in unwanted yellow brassy tones for ultra light and platinum blondes. This incredible new combo kicks out the brass by depositing colored pigments onto hair.


Using our new Icy Blond shampoo is a dramatic experience. While the black formula may surprise you, there are violet tones hard at work underneath. Let’s talk about why that’s important for your platinum highlights.


Violet is directly opposite yellow on the color wheel. Icy blonde deposits these violet tones, effectively neutralizing any yellow or brassy undertones in lightened hair. Meanwhile, the black pigment gives cool ash/silver tones to the hair. Depending on the amount of yellow present, you can use Icy Blond at different points in the post-coloring process and for different lengths of time.

milk_shake Icy Blond before after 

When can I use Icy Blond?

Icy Blond shampoo and conditioner can be used after your salon visit to both counter act brassy and infuse hair with vital nutrients following the lightening process. When used after a lightening service, the pigments work to prolong toning effects, while counter acting brass.


Please note that the effects of Icy Blond are intense, and the longer the product sits on hair —especially porous hair— the more intense the color effect will be. Generally, after a pre or post toning service application, Icy Blond shampoo and conditioner can be alternated with other, non-pigmented milk_shake haircare products.  The specific pigments found in Icy Blond conditioner intensifies the cool ash/grey/silver tones.

milk_shake Icy Blond ingredients 

Active Ingredients & Benefits

Because healthy hair is beautiful hair, we made sure that Icy Blond is more than just an intense brass-fighting machine. This powerhouse combo also contains highly beneficial active ingredients to promote hair health and vitality. Grapeseed oil acts as the basis of this nutrient-rich formula, protecting and hydrating hair with  emollient properties. This superfood adds softness to both the scalp and hair.


Our patented Integrity 41® complex along with quinoa proteins provide superior color protection that helps to keep colors fresher, for longer. Milk proteins and amino acids work together to fortify hair structure and prevent breakage, and rice oil nourishes and conditions hair.